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If You Can Dream It, We Can Build It!

Aranda Pools and Spas by Leo Aranda has been serving the West Texas area since 1985! Leo Aranda grew up in the pool business. Leo Sr. started building swimming pools in California before moving his family back to West Texas. Leo began to help his Dad in the family business at the age of 11 and started operating a backhoe by age 15. There is not much about the pool business Leo hasn’t experienced.
In 1991, Leo worked with Landscape Architect Paul Freeland on a major residential project. Paul graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Landscape Architecture and has 30 years of experience in residential design. Leo and Paul quickly discovered that their talents blended to create unique opportunities. Paul took over the design of all Leo’s pools and eventually became a partner. Paul has recently retired, but he took Alyssa Luna under his wing and taught her the pool design in preparation for his retirement.
Alyssa Luna’s love for the pool business started at a very young age when she would ride around with her Dad Leo Aranda supervising pool construction sites. Alyssa began working with Aranda Pools doing pool maintenance and pool equipment repair. She then began taking over the pool designs. Alyssa has a true talent for design and has learned and mastered 3-D pool design. She meets with the new clients and helps with selecting finishes for their new pool or renovation.  

Our Process


We will measure and create a footprint of your yard which includes the residence, property lines, existing grades, utility easements, landscaping, walks, and patios. We also consider views of the pool area from the house and surrounding areas.


Just as every family has different needs and desires for the pool . . . every family has different financial capabilities and values.  We can initially give you some ballpark estimates that will help you hammer out a budget.


After blending your dreams with our experience and creativity, we will schedule an appointment to review your plans. We may tweak your design based on any new input from you before finalizing your pool plans. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • After we have finalized your pool design, the next step is to get your pool project on our schedule. There are times where our list can get a little long. To lock in a spot on our schedule, we need a signed contract and a down payment.  (10%)

  • On your contract, you will find a payment schedule.  This may sometimes vary, but is usually as follows:

    • 10% down upon acceptance of contract to “lock in” dig schedule
    • 20% upon commencement of the project
    • 35% upon completion of the gunite phase
    • 30% upon pouring concrete for the deck (if we don’t do the deck, this draw will be due upon completion of tile or coping . . . whichever is first)
    • 5% upon completion of the pool
  • Our standard pools will take approximately 10 weeks.  If the project includes extensive masonry work on a deck (something other than kool-deck), waterfalls, rock/brick planters, etc., then the time could be longer.  Also, city codes will not allow us to plaster and fill the pool until fencing around the pool area is completed.  Our estimate of completion time allows for days that there will be no work performed on your pool.

  • We will provide a step-by-step “Equipment Operations Guide”. We will need about an hour of time to walk you through, and you will be an expert in no time. Keep this guide handy, as you will need to refer to it again. We don’t mind you calling the office for help, but many times you’ll find your answer in your guide.  Just follow the step by step instructions. We also recommend that you document proper valve positioning with pictures or video. In fact, a video of the pool school could be really helpful as well!!

  • We may give you some approximate scheduling, but our scheduling may be delayed when a customer decides to expand their deck from 800 sq. ft. to 1,600 sq. ft. or expand the dig from shallow to deep. Just a couple of the many changes we have been asked to adjust to.   

    We always have several pools on our construction board that have come to a “stand still” due to the customer putting us on hold. Usually because it is a new home and we are ahead of the home construction. Their home construction is as fluid as ours, and we often don’t get a choice when they are ready for us to return to their project!  Life would be easier for us, and you, if we could just start a pool, work on that pool without any changes, and work on our schedule and not the home contractor’s, city’s, sub’s, concrete plant’s, UPS’s, Mother Nature’s etc. 

  • Aranda Pools warrants the gunite structure for 15 years. All other phases of the construction and installation are warranted free from all defects in workmanship for a one year period. Aranda Pools cannot be responsible for improper operation or lack of care of the swimming pool/equipment. This warranty is non-transferable.

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